About me


I am a freelance illustrator working and living in Belgium. My preferred tools are a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, and my clients are mostly big and small publishing companies and self-publishers. I like to tell stories with my art. With a big influence from cosplay and mythical fairytales creatures. I prefer to work with vibrant colors and beautiful lighting. They are the key elements in my work.  Although I usually create mature work, like book and CD-covers, I also illustrate for chilren. Children's illustrations give me the opportunity to experiment with colours, textures, humor and facial expressions. It is completely different from working for adults. But I like the variety. 


In my spare time I like to read anime. I have a huge collection of comics and anime movies at home. My precious! I also do fitness. Because sitting in front of the computer all day won't make you fitter. And eating cookies while you work, doesn’t help either...

I consider myself a gentle, patient and positive person, very easy to work with. I have no problem with comments or corrections that are requested and I am always open to new projects and challenges.

I'm already looking forward to what the future will bring me. (fingers crossed it will be a dragon)